We’re hibernating over Winter

 With the constant changes of living through a pandemic,  affecting where we can go and with whom, Beatroute Tours are going to paws (sorry- pause) until Spring 2021. 

There are lots of exciting ideas for the tours and if you sign up to the newsletter you’ll be the first to know when they are back up and running. 

If you would like a bespoke tour arranging with specific requests for places to eat and/or visit, please do email me and we can have a chat.

I’m so excited to meet you and share the tastes and sites of vegan Liverpool!

In our Liverpool Home

Welcome to Beatroute – Liverpool’s first vegan food walking tour.  We’ll introduce you to a variety of delicious food, from passionate independent vegan cafes and restaurants. 

Join us on a 4-hour tour of Liverpool’s Ropewalks area. You’ll enjoy lots of  vegan treats with plenty of time to sit down and chill. Along the way we’ll keep you entertained with snippets of Liverpool history and quirky facts about this vibrant, friendly, cosmopolitan city!

Overhead tabletop shot of four people enjoying a meal with large salad bowl
Pickled walnut and cranberry salad

What's included on our vegan food tour

  • All the food is included in the price
  • You’ll be treated to at least 6 tasters 
  • A delicious mix of savoury and sweet 
  •  Local history and local musical sites and anecdotes
In short you’ll get well fed and you’ll walk a couple of miles, so wear comfy shoes and bring an empty stomach!

Come together, over food

Liverpool has always been a hub of exciting musical and artistic talent and now it’s becoming known for its diverse and amazing culinary landscape too.

So what could be better than spending a few hours visiting historical places and munching on legendary food?

We really can’t wait to meet you!

chocolate cake and mint cake both with ice cream, cups of coffee and water in a cafe
Close up of vegan burger in a bun with salad against a graffiti style wall

Do I need to be vegan to do the tour?

You don’t need to be vegan! Whether you are omnivore, vegetarian, vegan or anything in-between, you will be warmly welcomed onto the tour. All we ask is that you have an open mind when it comes to trying new and exciting food! You may be pleasantly surprised!

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