Vegan Breakfast Taco

Vegan Breakfast Taco

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Austin Style Vegan Breakfast Taco

Anybody that has visited Austin, Texas is likely to have tried a breakfast taco. As a result you would be aware of how amazing these Tex-Mex breakfast delights are! They are cheap, filling and available all over Austin. In 2014 my partner and I were lucky enough to visit Austin. Subsequently we tried our very first breakfast taco there. At the time we were vegetarian and our taco contained scrambled egg, cheese and potato. While the traditional Austin Breakfast Taco would also contain bacon. However we were sold! We’ve loved them ever since. Therefore as today is #TofuDay I thought I would make a 100% vegan version with tofu scramble.

How to make a Vegan Breakfast Taco

For the black beans, chop and fry some onion and garlic until softened. Add a tablespoon each of chipotle paste, tomato paste and lime juice to the onions. Certainly feel free to add more or less to adjust to your own taste. Finally add a tin of rinsed black beans to warm through.

For the scramble I riffed on a recipe by @lovingitvegan using tofu, nutritional yeast, black salt ( for the eggyness!) All purpose seasoning, paprika, turmeric and soy milk. I mashed up a block of tofu with a fork, leaving some bit bigger than others. Gently fry in a small amount of oil, to crisp up some of the edges. Meanwhile mix the rest of the ingredients together and mix well with the tofu. Continue to cook until you get a consisitency that you are happy with. For Tacos you don’t want it to be too runny as it will drip everywhere, you do however want it to retain some moisture.

Serve with hash browns, vegan chorizo slices and chopped green chilli to finish it off. This just might be my favourite breakfast/brunch ever!