Global Scouse Day – how to make vegan Scouse

Global Scouse Day – how to make vegan Scouse

What is Scouse?

A  slow cooked stew similar to Lancashire Hotpot or Irish stew. Every family has their own preferences of what should be included in a pot of scouse. Traditionally it would be based on potatoes, carrot, swede, onion and meat. However it is perfectly acceptable to have Scouse without meat. which is known as Blind Scouse. More often than not the ingredients would depend on what was available seasonally or was leftover from a previous meal.

How do I make vegan Scouse?

The meat substitute is your choice. I often use TVP or seitan or leave it out entirely.  However I always use potatoes, carrot, swede, onions, vegetable stock, and yeast extract.  Sometimes I’ll add Guinness or beer if I have some in the house! Scouse is a simple, nutritious home cooked food and quantities can be varied for your own needs. Put all the ingredients in a pan on a medium heat until everything is tender and  cooked through and the liquid has thickened slightly.

Enjoy your scouse served with pickled cabbage or pickled beetroot and crusty bread.

If you would like to have a go at making seitan, check out some of my favourite recipes here.